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We're recording most of our concerts and will be updating the live recording tracks often. So be sure to check back again.

Tracks from Contradiction

Jay Ungar wrote this tune for the Vermont based group Popcorn Behavior (they are now called Assembly).

Two tunes from Donegal.

Irish piper Jason Twamley wrote the first tune. Michael didn't bother checking how the pipes actually work before he wrote the second tune for Jason to play. Fortunately Ditte has tamed it on the fiddle.

Featuring Niamh Parsons.

Live Concert Recordings

The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside / Proptraekker / You've Been Long Away. These are three traditional tunes, a scottish march, a danish polka from the island of Laesø, and a Shetland reel. Recorded live at Eastgate Arts Centre, Peebles, Scotland, April 2005.

The Proptraekker set is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License