What the press is saying about Contradiction...


" A record of mostly Scots and Irish music made by a Danish fiddler and an American pianist now living in Denmark? It's worth getting your head around that incongruity to enjoy the delightful duets between Ditte Fromseier Mortensen and Michael G. Rose. Whether on something as upbeat as the opener, Popcorn Behavior, or the stately Taimse Im Chodladh, there's a wonderful communication between the two instruments. Both Rose and Mortensen are superb and sensitive players, working off and complementing each other. And when they back Niamh Parsons (whose voice is a perfect foil for their skills on the three songs where she participates), they provide just enough to frame the song without intruding on the singer. For the most part, this is a restrained album, even on the complex slip jigs, but when they do let loose, as on Flax In Bloom/Stormy Weather, the effect is stunning. And their take on Fairport's Crazy Man Michael is enough to banish the original forever, it's just that good. But the entire album is an unalloyed delight."

Chris Nickson, Penguin Eggs, Canada's Folk, Roots and World Music Magazine


"Danish American duos aren't exactly hanging out on every street corner these days, so this quirky collection strikes a novel cord in more ways than one. New England pianist Michael G. Rose collides magnificently with Ditte Fromseier Mortensen, a Danish fiddler who draws on a lateral-thinking classical and traditional mix of influences, fired by a bold fiddle style, athletically bounding through their own original tunes (many classically defined and gloriously effete) as well as rejuvenating stalwart traditional mainstays such as Taímse Ím Chodlad (sic). Fromseier's fiddle is the defining force, elevating the insignificant with the kind of sweeping gestures that Martin Hayes has made his own. Niamh Parsons adds her earthy voice to three songs, lacing every one with an aching that few vocalists can conjure."

Siobhán Long, The Irish Times


"We begin this month with Fromseier Rose, an interesting duo made up of Danish fiddler Ditte Fromseier Mortensen and American pianist Michael Rose, whose debut CD, Contradiction, is a smooth and elegant recording that features fast and slow fiddle tunes from Ireland, Scotland an Denmark arranged with a chamber-music feel. Mortensen's pure-toned fiddling is sweet and resonant, especially on the slower pieces. Rose's accompaniment is delicate and spare, not the foot-pounding sort that's often heard backing up Celtic music, reminding me in places of Keith Jarrett's jazz improvisations. Irish singer Niamh Parsons guests on three tracks, including a haunting setting of the Richard Thompson/Dave Swarbrick song 'Crazy Man Michael'."

Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen


"Fiddle and piano can be a genius combination - this is definitely the case with the duo Fromseier Rose. Their music is light and relaxed, but at the same time full of passion and emotion....

....As a great lover of Niamh's singing I would say: alone for these three songs the album has to be in collections... Yet the 9 instrumental titles are as brilliant as the songs. A breathtaking album! "

Christian Moll, FolkWorld


"New spices continue to be added to the evolving stew of Danish folk music The latest contribution is from the duo Fromseier Rose, where a strong splash of classical music runs through the flavor...

....A lovely debut which can be listened to again and again."

Finn Smed Sahlholdt, Morgens Jyllands Posten


"...The music they create together is graceful, partnering together as in a dance. ..

....Mortensen and Rose play from their hearts on Contradiction. The two of them work together wonderfully and I hope to hear more from them."

Paul de Bruijn, Rambles


"...Different and refreshing, Fromseier Rose music makes you sit back and smell the roses of the Celtic musical tradition."

John O'Regan, GreenManReview


"...La musica di Fromseier Rose si basa saldamente sulla tradizione celtica, ma quello che rende Contradiction veramente particolare è il perfetto bilanciamento tra le personalità artistiche dei due musicisti: una continua, stimolante interazione tra due talenti ricchi di esperienze artistiche di ogni genere. Il punto di forza principale di quest'album è tuttavia la leggera, rilassata eleganza della sua musica, non disgiunta però da una evidente, forte passione di base.

Tra l'altro è stato anche fatto osservare, proprio a proposito di questo album, che una delle più importanti caratteristiche della musica celtica è proprio di riuscire a rivelare nuove e inattese qualità, quando incontra forti temperamenti artistici: basti ascoltare, sulla nostra compilation mensile, come la classica, notissima "The Butterfly/Waterman's" riveli tutta serie di nuove sfumature in questa nuova versione...."

Alfredo De Pietra, Keltika


"...Irish and Scottish music has a unique quality of revealing new and unexpected qualitities when it meets new temperaments - and so it is here (with Fromseier Rose.)"

Swedish Radio, Mitt i Musikken (in Swedish)


"...The combination is at once soothing and lilting..."

Steve Athnas, Toledo City Papper


"...Fromseier Rose are an intriguing combination and there's much here to enjoy through repeated playing. "

Geoff Wallis, The Irish Music Review


"....I have heard Ditte and Michael many times in concert and they have managed to capture the "magic" that is produced by their instruments and put it on this cd."