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Fromseier Rose grew out of a late night session at the 2001 Copenhagen Irish Festival. Ditte launched into a lively version of Kitchen Girl and Michael joined in on the piano. It was the first time they played together and their chemistry was evident in the music. By the end of the tune it was obvious that they had to play together and a short while later they formed the duo Contradiction. To avoid too many similarities with a German thrash metal band with the same name, they have since changed their name to Fromseier Rose.

Fromseier Rose play elegant roots music with a repertoire that combines their own compositions with contemporary and traditional Celtic and Scandinavian tunes. Their unique arrangements display a rich variety of musical sources. Ditte's full sound and rhythmic bounce is complemented by the swinging pulse from Michael's New England roots and his jazz influenced interpretations. The result is a swinging and playful conversation between two talented musicians that appeals to a broad range of audiences.


Ditte Fromseier Mortensen grew up on the Danish island of Bornholm and began playing classical violin at the age of four. She studied in the Classical Music program at the Colchester Institute. Captivated by the freedom and spontaneity of Celtic music, Ditte switched over to the world of folk and roots music. She has received a Master in Traditional Music Performance from the Irish World Music Centre at the University of Limerick and the recording she made as part of her studies there will soon be released.

In addition to her work with Fromseier Rose, Ditte performs with Habbadam and also with the traditional Irish group Flax in Bloom. .

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Michael G. Rose was born and raised in Boston. He began his music career in high school jamming with Peter Barnes in the back of Ernie Spence's station wagon on the way to dances in New Hampshire. In contrast to his influence on their musical careers, the fact that Ernie was their high school vice-principal in charge of discipline seems to have had remarkably little effect on Peter and Michael.

A number of years later, while making slow progress at his day job as a Physics Ph.D. student in Pennsylvania, Michael performed and composed for the classical-Celtic crossover trio Barolk Folk. Their recordings have won national recognition in the U.S., including a NAIRD Honorable Mention for Holiday Music and the Parent's Choice Gold Award. He also studied classical guitar with Mark Maxwell and played for New England Contra Dances with the decidedly non-classical Dr. Twamley's Audio Snakes.

Attracted by the weather and the food, Michael moved to Copenhagen in 1991. He has been a member of the Scottish folk-rock band MacMortensen's and toured with the Danish band Suleskaer He has studied Latin jazz piano with Søren Scharff. Michael also coproduced Morten Alfred Høirup's CD Vingaarden. Michael is also performing in a duo with Scottish harper Rachel Hair.

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